Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Week

This has been a big, busy week for little Carter.

Sunday - swimming and dinner at the Jackson's with the Germanas and Jill

Monday - Carter is 5 months old today! (He would not sit still for a good photo, so you get the 2 above from that day.) Met Dale's sister and dinner at Grammy and Poppa's. We stayed too late.

Tuesday - visiting some freinds in the Rec Center at 1st Pres (church) and checking out the nursery situation for Mommy's Bible Study

Wednesday - Spent a cranky day at home, Mommy went to join the Y in the evening!

Thursday - Carter's very first day in a daycare-type place. He has never been with a sitter other than family or with other kids. Mommy was nervous, but Carter did great! The ladies in the nursery loved him...said he was very sweet and so cute sucking his thumb.

Friday- We'll meet Kirsten, Matthew, Carole, and Paige for coffee and a walk on Park Ave. Then see Shea for a little bit afterwards.

Whoa, I really packed this week with lots of activity!

Wanted to comment about the nursery at the Church and get some feedback from my mommy friends...

What do I really need to take for Carter? I took 2 of his favorite toys, but when I went to pick him up, another kid was carrying one of them around and they had to find the 2nd toy. Now I feel like I need to boil them before giving them back to my baby! He doesn't really need his own toys there, right? Also, I was a little concerned that I saw one child hitting another (not Carter) and nobody seemed to notice or do anything about it even though the one getting hit was crying. Should I say something or ask about it? There were 2 care-givers in the room with 2 babies and 2 toddlers - all 16 mos or younger.

Please post a comment or send me an email about your childcare experiences, what I need to pack in Carter's bag, and what to do when I see something I'm concerned about. Thanks - R

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Mrs. W said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing!