Monday, October 27, 2008


He hates green beans. Can't say I blame him, although the peas smell even worse and he gobbles those up. Disgusting. Not the baby, the peas!
Smiling (sort of) because it's over

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My pumpkin

Ah, the pumpkin patch! The fall tradition of most families with small children (and big kids that just love Fall, right Stacy?). So we took Carter to check out the pumpkins with Nana and Poppy. He was definitely interested in the big pumpkins. See him standing all by himself with a big one?
Since he was not hungry or tired he was in a great mood and we even had fun afterwards out for a nice lunch. The weather was quite comfortable...very low humidity and a good breeze. Isn't our little pumpkin cute!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Is this a boy thing or what?! Carter is already pulling everything down around himself. This play gym was knocked over with his legs and pulled the rest of the way down with his hands. He had so much fun in his little "fort," as Trey called it. He also tries to pull his crib bumper down over him. Guess he still likes the feeling of being enclosed in a small space.

Food, glorious food!

Carter had started solids in the last few weeks. We now know for sure that he is our child since he LOVES to eat! Anything that he has tried, he has gobbled it up...we can't feed him fast enough. Not sure if it's the food he loves, or just having the spoon in his mouth.

The first bites of rice cereal were met with skepticism, as you can see from the photo. But I did learn that he does not want his food runny...and really, who does? So the consistency is important to him. Actually, I am exactly the same!

Carter's menu currently includes rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and peas (stinky!). Next up are squash and either applesauce or pears. The poops are getting very interesting, folks.

What foods did your little ones start out with? Was there anything they did or did not especially like? Can't wait to see where little Carter's adventurous appetite takes us!