Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poop Stories

Talk to a new parent and you're going to hear something about their baby's poop. It's a guarantee folks, since poop is one of the few ways we have of knowing what is actually going on with that cute little screamer. So here's my poop story...

Carter had diarrhea last month and it wasn't going away. He also had a rash, but I was more concerned about, yes you guessed it, the poop. His doctor suspects a sensitivity to cow's milk proteins in my breastmilk, tells me to stop eating dairy (WHAT?!? No cheese?!? More on that in another post.) and asks me to bring in a stool sample. I don't know that I was thinking much about the poop anymore since now I had a bigger more cheese, ice cream, milk, sour cream, yogurt, etc. So it didn't hit me until I got home.

How the heck do you collect a stool specimen from your 3 month old who has diarrhea?!? I called back to ask the nurse and she said to line his diaper with plastic wrap. That sounds easy, right? Ohhh ho ho my friend. After two attempts with pee and loose poopy all over Carter, myself, the boppy, and the bouncy seat, I cried. All the liquid just shoots right out the sides and up the back of a diaper lined with plastic wrap. It's not pretty. After I finished crying, I made a few calls.

I could not believe that none of the friends I called had ever had to do this! But we all agreed that it is completely insane to ask a new mother to do such a thing, it's probably totally impossible anyway, and that nurse must be smoking crack to suggest such a crazy thing.

Trey and I worked on many different ideas about how to collect this sample and get it to the doctor...we're trying to be good parents and if the Dr wants this specimen we have to get it for him. We did manage to get a very small amount of poo in a specimen cup and off it went to the doctor's office. When I dropped it off the nice nurse said, "Well at least you'll know how to do it next time." "Oh no, I will NOT have to do this again," I thought.

Guess what I'm doing this weekend?!?


Holly said...

That is pretty wouldn't think something so gross could come out of someone so cute!! Hopefully you won't have to do this again, but could you scrape the poop out of the diaper with the cup???

Robyn, Trey, and Carter said...

No scooping the poop out of the diaper. Don;t you think I would have done it if that were all it took?!?

chris said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles, and that Carter was having some problems. You needed something that sealed better than plastic wrap, press-n-seal maybe?

The only other thing I could think was take off his clothes and put him in a bucket until he does his business. So practical I know... You can tell I don't have kids.